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buy gold cheap Evocable steel puncture dragon, white bear's taking sad ice frost frost to brush here common is strange for 3 hours.The white bear has black suddenly and violently, dark thunder Titan and Ao Lu Si the devil king take part with output, this brushes strange partial velocity super quick.If turning on ice frost world to brush is strange, that partial velocity is faster.Only white bear a person can contract for tranche realm of strange, this efficiency compares with 425 people teams to still have to be quick.This experience white bear brush are strange for 3 hours, this experience just raised 6%, little must be pitiful.Compare brushed before strange get of experience, this was slow 3000% all not only.If follow this partial velocity, the white bear still really doesn't know to arrive 90 stages.This no wonder that now highest player just 84 stages, right bower also just arrived 83 stages just.This time, the white bear is some envy a cow anti two of occupation, this guy now connect the other people's orders all energy mountain Zhai, and can also settle a space, very convenient.Hereafter he basically need not he does stage, only the mountain Zhai other people's occupation is as all right as order, spared many time area concentration diagram.The white bear has been just logging out when here brushed experience to arrive to have lunch.Now white bear also can brush experience in the outer circle realm, if arrived in the person of realm poly , rob more strange, may be also made a surprise attack lost time by the other people, the quare is still better in brush in the outer circle realm.Just this experience isn't only little, but also trumpery to to
want to die, the white bear still really not too wanted to go on to brush so.After logging out while having supper the white bear ran into Luo's gram, this guy sees white bear to white bear share data, pass I detected the treasure box of a purple, however had a head of ghostly lord boss to defend, didn't know how to take!Some pictures that take the super grave field realm, the white bear saw the purple treasure box and ghostly lord boss said by gram of Luo and looked from some interpretations of data, this ghostly lord boss roved around inside 10 yard spheres and wantsed to close to full a trouble at the purple treasure box.If lead anti to come to this ghostly lord boss, best wow gold seller it is very difficult to want to get hold of this.Treasure box exist realm of can treat sphere as 50 yardsHow to say analyst?The white bear isn't that professional to this, if make oneself turn on a treasure box, it is nothing important subject to pour, however Luo's gram very difficult.Luo's gram this occupation is very weak, be absquatulate skill poly is as strong as lying in wait skill, protecting the life skill is very small and weak.Contra to say, the occupation of white bear suits dreamlike subsistence atmosphere of island more.The analyst gave me 2 kinds of devices, however he doesn't suggest that I take a treasure box!Earth the Jing bomb person's Luo's gram knows and takes this to is very critical.The analyst doesn't suggest Luo's gram casus for taking is Luo gram the hit that the anti doesn't live ghostly lord boss, and in this this
realm, earth Jing bomb the person wants to absquatulate very difficult.If enter darker province more risk, lead other strange hits, that is the basic anti not to is past.That doesn't go!Anyway isn't only a treasure box again!White bear edge has a meal an edge to say, he knows that Luo's gram really wants to get hold of this, however is really very dangerous.In fact I am to want that using is evil the ghostly lord boss turning bomb is attracted to the skill in the past, I take advantage o anarchy to turn on a chest when the time comes!Although this wastes a conjuration bomb, however see purple treasure box in put what things still quite good.Luo's gram buy wow gold online wantses to turn on natural endowments optional skill, this skill is to have strait frequency, use a little once, and the incapability raises, if use up, Luo's gram than other people's a little natural endowments skill.Although this can raise success rate, however success rate also however 50%, and this still needs to consider how to absquatulate.You feel to use and then use!This affair makes decision by himself/herself!The white bear still took Luo's gram, this small matter was still annoyed.I am to feel to meet this trouble to use the natural endowments frequency restriction skill, if let the coach know no good!The quare wants to see you to have other devices can get hold of this chest for me.Luo's gram is to think that need not natural endowments frequency limits skill to get hold of a chest, but need not risk.If he the dead came out, but the incapability go in again and still need to delete a play play is safest shop to buy wow gold, fifa coins, runescape gold, swtor credits & other mmo gold.

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